Class Location & Enrolment Information

Britannia Community Centre
1661 Napier Street
Vancouver, BC 
(AKA Britannia Secondary School Cafeteria, located next to the running track on the west side of the School)

$144 pays for eight weekly group lessons.
Enrolment starts on the morning of December 12th.
To enrol online, click this link:
Vancouver Recreation Online Activity Registration
African drumming in the search bar on the Vancouver recreation website to find the appropriate course. Then, follow the website's instructions for enrolling.
Alternatively, you can enrol over the phone by calling Britannia Centre at (604) 718-5800.

Good Things to Know

Drums are provided during class times at no extra charge.
*Participants cannot take class room drums home.
*There is no need to buy your own drum to take these classes. As long as you attend classes regularly, you will grow as a drummer.
*Learning the basics of djembé drumming before purchasing a drum is a good idea. That way you'll know what to look for when shopping for a drum.
*If you absolutely must buy a drum, contact me. I have quality drums to sell or I'd be happy to recommend other places to shop for drums.

There are no drop in classes.
*These classes are designed to teach participants to play drums, West African style. The way anyone learns to play a musical instrument is through repeated and regular engagement. With that in mind, no drop-in classes are offered.