Moussa "Bolokada" Condé

Bolokada Condé is one of the worlds most celebrated djembé masters. He is a patient teacher and a gifted performer.

Bolokada started out as a young musical prodigy, who became a sensation in his native Sankaran region of Guinea, where he was the premier djembé player in major village celebrations in the region for many years.

In 1996 Bolokada joined the world famous Les Percussion du Guinee as their lead drummer. He traveled and performed in major performance venues throughout the world.

In 2004 Bolokada moved to the USA. Since then he has traveled, performed and taught in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Between 2008 and 2011 he was a full time visiting professor at the University of Illinois, teaching traditional Malinké drumming, folklore and song.

FYI. Bolokada is a term used for the youngest member of one's family